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Introduction to Hone Your English By Benjamin Dudgeon

Do you need to improve your English quickly? Have you been trying to improve your English since school, but feel you are not really getting anywhere?

You have access to the world wide web at your fingertips, but with so much information – where do you start?

Maybe you’ve found yourself sitting in conference calls, not knowing how to join in… Perhaps you feel as if your career is on hold until you have attained an advanced level of English, something which you know would open up so many more opportunities.

My name is Benjamin, and I’ve been coaching clients in Business English since 2013. Over that time, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals reach an advanced level of English, resulting in many of them being offered pay increases of around 25%.

My team and I are currently working with clients from Vancouver to Sydney, and over the last eight years we’ve helped a large cross-section of clients including CEO’s, surgeons, I.T. professionals and even radio presenters. Most of my clients come to me for help with their pronunciation or to improve their English from intermediate level to advanced. Within 12 weeks, my clients are able to communicate in fluent and accurate English.

Apply now for a free benchmark test in which I will give you an accurate appraisal of your current level in English, based on the CEFR, and then suggest practical steps for improvement. This could help you to become irreplaceable in your current role!