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It’s easy to sign up, also simply enter the requirements for your tasks here to begin your free trial. 

Yes, there is a nominal $16 account setup fee required for our 10-hour free trial.

You will be hearing from a team lead within 12 to 24 hours of registering. Also They will designate a virtual personal assistant for you based on your requirements. After registering, you may usually start assigning jobs 24 hours later, therefore assistance is provided quickly and also conveniently.

Once you have purchased a plan, our officials will email you with your VA’s details. You can then assign tasks to your VA using various methods such as email, phone, Skype, or through collaboration platforms like Asana and also MS Teams.

We make it a priority to deliver on time and also adhere to deadlines. The complexity and also urgency of the project determine the turnaround time frames. Tasks are usually finished in a day or two. We also set timelines before the start of critical assignments to guarantee prompt delivery.