Administrative Assistant​

Administrative tasks are different duties and responsibilities carried out by the assistants. In other words, some of the tasks carried out by the assistants either at office or remotely are –management of the affairs of a business or an  institution, Taking care of  the duties of an administrator, managing   the conduct of the affairs of the organization and  administering sacrament, oath, medical treatment  etc.

  • eCommerce Management: We will look for new vendors, manage your products, and run a price/product comparison to help you manage your eCommerce store.
  • Email Management: We are always eager to keep your emails organized while you are away. Some of our email management services include filtering emails with labels, folders and category; spam management, editing follow-up emails and auto-responders, sending email newsletters, checking emails, updating contacts and chat support etc.
  • Transcription Services: We transcribe both audio and video files, and would provide you with a suitable estimate every time you send us a transcription work.
  • Customer Information Management: With our CRM services, we help you bridge the gap between your business and technology that increase your sales and drive your revenue. We will update the important contacts via CRM and aid you in your customer relationship building process.
  • Research, Documentation & Presentation: We always put the best efforts to conduct insightful research and find any virtual information you might like on various industries, such as eCommerce, healthcare, law, communications, consumer goods, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, utilities and many more. We also utilize our talented human resources to transform unorganized set of data into meaningful reports and PowerPoint/Keynote presentations for you.
  • Itinerary Planning: We would make travelling easy and hassle-free for you, so you get a chance to enjoy the trip. Our itinerary planning includes calculating travel costs, checking flight schedules, booking train/plane/bus tickets for your travels, finding the best places to stay, making hotel bookings etc.
  • Data Management: We provide high-quality data management services that include updating and maintaining database records, making new entries in Word and Google Doc etc.
  • Miscellaneous Assistance Services: There are multiple other areas of administrative services that we help our clients with:
    • Call screening and management
    • Appointment scheduling and calendar management
    • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance
    • PDF conversion, splitting and merging
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Drop-box and Google Drive organization
    • Planning meetings and event verification