Affiliate Program

Be Our Affiliate and Get Cashback Every Month

Join Tasks Expert Affiliate Program with a one-time subscription of USD 15 ONLY, and get cashback every month by promoting and referring new customers.

Affiliate Program

Earn 5% Monthly Commission with Tasks Expert Affiliate Program!

As an affiliate, you not only support our growth but also benefit financially. Every time your referral subscribes to one of our service plans, you earn a 5% commission. This commission is not a one-time payment—it recurs monthly as long as your referral continues to utilize our services. Start earning a steady and passive income with minimal effort!

Promote Our Services and Earn 5% Cashback on Monthly Basis Till Your Referrals Remain At Tasks Expert

Tasks Expert is now inviting enthusiastic people to be a part of its affiliate plan. If you have a website, blog, or are active on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., you can earn quick and easy money with Tasks Expert’s affiliate program.

The process is incredibly simple and user-friendly! Tasks Expert’s affiliate program will allow you to now earn a 5% commission of the subscription amount on a monthly basis for every sign-up that you refer to us until they utilize our services. Just pay a basic one-time setup fee of USD 15


Earning has never been easier or simpler!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tasks Expert Affiliate Program offers a simple and effective way to earn passive income. By referring friends, family, colleagues, and relatives to utilize our virtual assistance services, you can earn a 5% monthly cashback on their payments, after a nominal one-time setup fee of USD 15. You continue to earn as long as they use our services.

As an affiliate, you will receive a unique URL, like, which you can share with your referrals. Additionally, you will receive a coupon code to pass along. Your referrals need to use the unique link to sign up for our services, ensuring you receive your commission. Using the coupon code, they will get a 25% discount on their first month’s subscription, adding great value to their sign-up.

Sure! Once you’ve registered and paid the one-time fee of USD 15, you’ll receive a unique URL and coupon code. For instance, if you refer three people who sign up for different plans priced at USD 860, USD 439 and USD 200, here’s how it breaks down:

First Month: subscribes to a USD 860 plan, pays USD $645 in the first month (with 25% discount).
Second Month: Subscriber Pays $860 month

Affiliate will get 5% commission on it.
First Month: You will get: $32.25
Second Month: You will get $43
And it will be recurring until the client stays on subscription 

You will receive a 5% commission on whatever amount your referral pays after any upgrades or downgrades to their subscription plan.

If a referral cancels their subscription, you will no longer receive commission payments from that referral.

If your referral forgets to use the coupon code during sign-up, they will miss out on the 25% discount for the first month’s subscription. However, as long as they’ve signed up using your unique URL, you will still earn your commission.

It’s crucial that your referrals use your unique link to sign up. If they sign up directly through the Tasks Expert website without using your link, you will not receive a commission.