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Our personal assistant agency backstory, built and also driven with passion!

Virtual Personal Assistant

The Origins of Tasks Expert

Established in 2017, Tasks Expert emerged as a remote personal assistant agency headquartered in the USA, with its operations extending to Mumbai, India. Serving a diverse clientele from small startups to major multinationals with round-the-clock support. We transformed the idea of virtual staffing with our easily accessible and also first-rate services, saving companies 80% of the time. Soon, by 2020 we became a reliable partner to companies looking for virtual personal assistants and also virtual staffing. By smoothly handling necessary but cumbersome tasks remotely with our expert executive virtual assistants, we enable our clients to concentrate on propelling their businesses forward with unmatched efficiency and progress. This is how our virtual staffing agency started and also continuously moved forward backed with passion, creativity and client satisfaction.

We are on a Mission

At Tasks Expert, our mission goes beyond just providing help; we are committed to strengthening companies by providing the finest virtual personal assistant services. We believe that businesses can reach their full potential when they focus on their strengths, so let us take care of the rest with our remote personal assistants. At our virtual staffing agency, we strive to boost productivity in every way by offering affordable solutions. We work to make our remote assistance and also expertise accessible to everyone, from well-established businesses to emerging entrepreneurs, fostering success and also progress for all.

Virtual Personal Assistant
Virtual Personal Assistant

Our Promise: Top-Notch Support Every Time

Tasks Expert are dedicated to giving our customers the greatest remote assistant experience possible on a global scale. We are here to hear your concerns and also take appropriate action if you have any concerns regarding the duties our virtual personal assistant agency perform. We promise to go above and beyond your expectations and also will stop at anything to earn your complete satisfaction.

Why US

We are aware that doing business can be demanding and also hectic. Here’s where we get involved. Our goal is to bring much-needed balance with our virtual personal assistant. We accomplish that by forming sincere alliances with our customers. Working with us means working with a team of executive virtual assistants that is aware of your objectives and trouble areas.

Our Core Values

Our identity lives on four key parameters, setting us apart from the rest.


To stay ahead of the curve, we always work to develop and study new approaches.


Our cooperative strategy promotes collaboration and synergy, guaranteeing smooth communication and the finest outcomes for our clients.


To establish confidence and trust, we support direct, honest communication that is transparent and clear at every stage.


Even in the face of hardship, we are courteous and respectful to one another.

A team built on experience

We are expanding our national network, assembling a dynamic team with top-notch service and technical expertise. With over 200+ employees throughout the US & India, our team is rapidly growing.


Effective Partnership

We think that when people work together, work and play may coexist happily. We value every collaboration with a mix of efficiency and fun to take on challenges with a smile.

Enthusiastic about what we do while dedicated to our clients, we bring enthusiasm to every interaction by virtual staffing.