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Computer Doctor
About Computer Doctor

Computer Doctor, based in Kansas City, USA, is a premier provider of computer sales and services. Owned by Deepak E. Surampalli, contacted Tasks Expert to grow digital presence of their services.  The company offers a wide range of tech solutions including hardware sales, software installations, and comprehensive IT support. Known for its customer-centric approach, Computer Doctor is committed to providing quality services that meet the needs of individual and corporate clients alike, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. 

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The Challenge

Deepak E. Surampalli of Computer Doctor faced a common dilemma: how to build a comprehensive digital presence that doesn’t strain the budget of a growing business. His goals were multifaceted – to not only launch a custom eCommerce website development but also incorporate an e-commerce platform capable of selling a diverse array of products including computers, software, and servers. The primary challenge was to develop a scalable, high-quality digital footprint within the confines of a modest budget, while ensuring the platform was robust enough to handle significant customer traffic and sales volume.

What did Tasks Expert do to Enhance Digital Presence?

Tasks Expert crafted a strategic plan utilizing cost-effective technologies and platforms to enhance their digital presence:

  • Website Development: We deployed WordPress with the Ocean WP Pro theme for its flexibility and ease of use, ensuring the site’s foundation was both robust and adaptable to future needs, providing custom WordPress website development to increase their digital presence. 
  • Hosting Solution: Selected Bluehost for its reliability and cost-effectiveness, providing a smooth and secure user experience.
  • Page Building: Integrated Elementor, a responsive website builder, for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, enabling quick and efficient page building without compromising design quality.
  • E-commerce Integration: Implemented a sophisticated online store within the website, using WooCommerce, to manage a wide range of products seamlessly, encompassing aspects of WooCommerce website development and eCommerce software development.

In addition to the technological implementations, we also executed a dual-faceted SEO strategy:

  • On-Page SEO: Meticulously optimized all website content for search engines, focusing on keywords that are vital for the tech industry, to improve organic search rankings.

  • Off-Page SEO: Strengthened Computer Doctor’s online authority through strategic directory listings and robust link-building campaigns, improving visibility across the web.

The Results

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The technology that we use to create Computer Doctor

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