Khabir Ahmed

Khabir Ahmad

Visionary Barber & Stylist

Khabir Ahmed, a seasoned professional in the personal grooming sector. He offers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from attending to individual clients, gracing corporate events, and weddings, to showcasing his skills on Broadway. Additionally, Khabir is passionate about imparting knowledge, mentoring aspiring hairstylists on the art of hair-cutting. Boasting around eleven years, or perhaps slightly more, in the hair industry, Khabir possesses an in-depth understanding of its nuances.

Currently, with an ambition to diversify, he’s venturing into newer avenues, such as the development of hair products. In this endeavor, the Ecommerce platform crafted by Tasks Expert plays a pivotal role. Khabir envisions an integrated ecosystem that combines an ecommerce site, a brick-and-mortar shop, and a training school, all while offering specialized grooming services across various sectors. His ultimate aspiration is to usher in a revolutionary transformation in the contemporary hair industry.

A peek into Khabir’s daily regimen reveals his dedication. His day typically commences at 04:00 a.m. with a rejuvenating yoga session, followed by meditation. After a nutritious breakfast and a quick glance at his calendar, he embarks on his professional commitments. Khabir ensures he unwinds at the end of the day, recharging himself for the adventures that the next day inevitably holds.