Benjamin Dudegon

Benjamin Dudgeon

Founder & MD - Hone Your English

Do individuals need to enhance their English rapidly? Have they been striving to improve their English since school days, but feel they haven’t made significant progress?

The world wide web is readily accessible, but with an overload of information, where does one begin?

Perhaps some have found themselves on conference calls, unsure of how to participate. Or maybe they feel their career progression is paused, waiting for them to achieve an advanced English proficiency, which they believe can unlock numerous opportunities.

Benjamin Dudgeon has been coaching clients in Business English since 2013. Over the years, he has guided hundreds of professionals to attain an advanced level of English, leading to many receiving salary hikes of around 25%.

Benjamin and his team cater to clients spanning from Vancouver to Sydney. In the past eight years, they have assisted a diverse range of clients, including CEOs, surgeons, I.T. experts, and even radio hosts. A majority of Benjamin’s clients approach him to hone their pronunciation or to elevate their English from an intermediate to an advanced stage. In merely 12 weeks, these clients find themselves articulating in fluent and precise English.

Individuals are encouraged to apply for a complimentary benchmark test. Benjamin will provide an accurate assessment of their present English proficiency based on the CEFR and then recommend effective strategies for enhancement. This could be the stepping stone to becoming indispensable in one’s professional role!