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Benjamin D- London, United Kingdom

Founder & MD of Hone Your English

Jose O- Texas, United States

Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga, Portugal

Owner Of Active World
" Virtual Assistant a secret weapon for your business from a person you trust but may have not met face to face."

Why Tasks Expert Virtual Assistant Services​

Is chosen by Business Owners And Entrepreneurs


For every task handled by our teams, we uphold utmost responsibility


Our flexible solutions allow using the VA working hours as and when you need them


Our teams are proficient in their work and possess a profound experience to manage your tasks


You’ll have peace of mind and can confirm that you’ve made the right decision with our risk-free 10 hours free trial.

Our Top Notch Services

A Company You Can Trust

Graphic Design
Our expert team can create logos, posts and brochures for you
Web Development
Web development is the core skill of our team
Admin Support
C-level assistance for busy executives.
Data Entry
Data entry is done with the speed and less error by our experts
Video Editing
Our experts can create a quality video content for you
SEO & Internet marketing
Our expert team can rank your website on search engines
Social Media
Our Expert team can automate posts, like and comment for you on social media.
Real Estate
Our VA’s are good at handling the real estate tasks
Tasks Expert Office

Why Virtual Assistant ?

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can easily save time and money. Virtual assistants not only increase your efficiency, but also offer you a safe option to scale up business operations. And the best part is virtual assistants add flexibility to your business.

Why To Hire Tasks Expert?

  • Decreased Operational Costs
  • Improved Business Productivity
  • Focus on core operations
  • Access to world-class Talent
  • No Need for Additional Office Space
  • No vacation pays, employee insurance etc
  • Reduce Workload
  • Assistants are available 24/7
  • Flexible Working Terms
  • Risk Free 10 hours trial
Based on 24 reviews
Carrie Moore
Carrie Moore
Task Expert is a tremendous service that has provided exceptional expertise and professionalism to help in moving my business forward. They are always prompt and responsive to all tasks and have very qualified team members to take your business to the next level.
Andy Perkins
Andy Perkins
Setting up our Virtual Assistant was very easy. Our dedicated Assistant was timely, caught on very quick to what we were trying to accomplish and implemented feedback very well. Great job Nancy and team! I would recommend this company to any business looking for a little additional labor. Also, very good communication and transparency of the work being done / hours being used.
sudi barre
sudi barre
Very responsive management and good quality VA's
Aasim Waheed
Aasim Waheed
I am happy and in some cases pleasantly surprised with the work done by Sandy and other TasksExpert team-members. All work was done professionally, of good quality with better than expected communication. Well done TasksExpert team! I plan to continue to use their help.
Jocelyne Melton
Jocelyne Melton
Transitioning some of my workload to Adam, Lina and their team has taken such a load off of me and our staff! Thanks Tasks Expert for making this process smooth and being there to assist me with some of the administration of our business!
Chuck Gonzales
Chuck Gonzales
Everyone, from the VAs to the service managers were extrememly helpful. They all listened to what I needed and in this technical job, they were able to help me complete my tasks. Really liked the notes they took to stay informed also. Thank you for your assistance.
Chris Miano
Chris Miano
Great service and very professional!!
Mariah Session
Mariah Session
They are super helpful, very kind and have great customer support. Their customer support team gets back to me right away, and my assistant is very professional, communicative, and punctual. I’m so happy that I found their services and I highly recommend them to any entrepreneurs or small business owners looking for VA support!

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