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Noaman A
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Jose Oquinn

Owner at Take Flight Ph-Raternity

Take Flight Ph-Raternity stands as a beacon in the realm of financial literacy. This unique community not only educates its members but does so with an innovative approach, often sharing insights through their engaging podcasts. The core mission at Take Flight Ph-Raternity is to instill financial knowledge and foster a thriving community of individuals who are driven to reclaim their time through financial independence. The platform excels in spotlighting and demystifying contemporary financial trends, positioning itself as the modern equivalent of a business and finance academy, but with a contemporary edge.

Jose Oquinn’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of financial literacy. For a decade, he dedicated himself to shaping young minds as a high school teacher and coach. However, the challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the paramount importance of financial literacy in our society. This revelation propelled Jose to dive into the world of options trading and strategically scale his driving school enterprise, ultimately allowing him to bid adieu to the education sector. Now, with the financial freedom he has achieved, Jose is fiercely dedicated to guiding others on their journey to similar emancipation

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