Book-Keeping & Accounting​

While bookkeeping takes care of the financial transactions of your business, accounting ensures that reporting, classifying, analysing, and interpretation of financial data is carried out correctly. Both of these may seem like activities that can be performed even by an untrained eye, but, these are not. In reality, accounting and bookkeeping reduce risks, enhance business decisions, and lead to business growth.

Carrying out accounting and bookkeeping tasks in-house may be a hassle for small and medium enterprises. These activities take just too much time, makes managing of both bookkeeping and accounting side-by-side a challenge, and costs a lot. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper and accountant can increase the productivity. But, it can take away a lot of your money or time and still not deliver desired results. These professionals may not be as skilled, which can even put forth compliance and regulation issues.

Our Virtual Assistant can take care of all your  books and account



  • Regular updating of accounts
  • Handling of returns and statutory dues
  • Maintaining and creating reports for annual audit
  • Attending and solving queries raised by auditors
  • Handling invoices and employee expenses
  • Looking after bank reconciliation activities
  • Offering consulting support whenever required
  • Managing fixed assets and accounting related to them
  • Preparing MIS reports including balance sheet, receivables and payables, and profit-loss statements
  • Looking after tax compliance and TDS requirements of the organization


Book- Keeping


  • Setting up and maintaining the chart of accounts
  • Maintenance of expenses ledger, general ledger, and asset ledger
  • Maintaining records of cash flowing in and out of your business
  • Determining account receivable and payable
  • Managing cash flow to ensure availability of accurate books at all time
  • Preparing monthly reports and cash flow statements